Super Cardioid Shotgun Microphone- BOYA BY-BM2021

Super-Cardioid Shotgun Microphone- BOYA BY-BM2021

BOYA MM1 is still very popular for Vlogging but there were some limitations. Boya has released the latest version of Super-Cardioid Shotgun Microphone model BOYA BY-BM2021. This model is fantastic and works much better and improved than the previous models. Buy BOYA BY-BM2021 at the best price in Bangladesh @ Buy Boya MM1 @

Buy BOYA BY-BM2021 at the best price in Bangladesh @ Buy Boya MM1 @ Call for phone order (10am to 7pm, every day) 01967-888 555 BDSHOP.COM OFFICE ADDRESS Office: 1104-A & B, Level- 11 Multiplan Center (ECS) New Elephant Road, Dhaka- 1205 Bangladesh — BOYA BY-BM2021 video microphone in Bangladesh: BOYA BY-BM2021 is a super-cardioid video shotgun microphone, which offers much better sound performance than using a smartphone, tablets, cameras, camcorders built-in microphone. With both TRRS and TRS audio connector cable included, it compatible with most smartphone, tablets, DSLRs, camcorders which has a 3.5mm mic jack. Unique super-cardioid polar pattern, its tight pickup area focuses directly in front of the microphone and reduces other surrounding sounds, ensuring that your subject is isolated from any background noise. Reinforced ABS construction at only 63g, the microphone always keeps your setup super lightweight, making it ideal for handheld shooting. Without any complicated switches or settings, it’s mainly powered by cameras, camcorders or smartphone, PC external microphone input, requiring no batteries to operate. Specification: – Compatible with smartphone, DSLR cameras, camcorders, PC, etc – Powered by smartphone, tablets, camera no need battery – Reinforced ABS construction, super lightweight – 3.5mm TRS & TRRS output cable both included – Foam windshield included.